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This is my virtual home! I'm Jess d'Artagnan Love, owner and founder of Love Works Photography and Freelance.

Love Works Photography
I specialize in portrait photography, especially for high school seniors preparing to graduate. For more information on my range of packages and services, click here!

Focus areas include but are not limited to the list below (in no particular order). Click active links for writing samples of each topic: 

The Write Reader: is a page with the latest book reviews that I've written at I cover a wide range of books new, and old, and from all different kinds of genres. I don't read to critique only (although that is part of it) but to find value in every book. I am not a pretentious or elitist reviewer and I try to find something meaningful in every text I work through. If you are a writer and are interested in a review of your book, please contact me at

About d'Artagnan: I am a collection of odds and ends, hobbies, passions, interests and activities. I live in Iowa and work as a college instructor teaching reading, writing, gender studies, academic readiness, and psychology courses. I started doing photography professionally in 2013 and have fallen in love with the industry. I love living in Iowa and I'm involved in my community. I'm always looking for ways to live a meaningful life. Let's connect over a cup of coffee.

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