Saturday, January 12, 2019

61. My Year of Big Books

This year, I'm attempting to read 10 big books. I defined "big books" as books of 500 pages or more. I did some browsing and thinking about the big books I've wanted to read but not made time to. Most of these are books that have been sitting on my bookshelf.

The books and schedule I determined for myself is below (keep in mind I'm not starting this until three weeks into the year):

Weeks 3 - 8

Weeks 10 - 17

Week 18 - 21

Weeks 23-24

Weeks 26-29

Weeks 31- 34

Weeks 36-37

Weeks 39-43

Weeks 45-48

Weeks 50-52

I haven't broken each of these schedules up by chapter just yet but I have scheduled out my first book. If you want to read with me through my Big Book Challenge, here's my schedule for The Count of Monte Cristo

January 14 - January 20: Chapters I - XXI
January  21 - January 27: Chapters XXII - XXXVII
January 28 - February 3: Chapters XXXVIII - LIV
February 4 - February 10: Chapters LV - LXXIV
February 11 - February 17: Chapters LXXV - XCII
February 18 - February 24: Chapters XCIII - End

For each of these books, I'll be doing blog check-ins at the beginning where I'll share some basic information about the history, context, and author. I'll check in halfway through. Finally, I'll check in at the end with my final thoughts.

I would LOVE it if you joined me! I'll be using #YearofBigBooks as the tag for this project. I'm also not going to be super rigid about the timeline. If this list goes into 2020, so be it. Life happens and there has to be wiggle room for the unexpected.

I'll pop in tomorrow with my first check in of The Count of Monte Cristo!