Saturday, September 8, 2018

59. Plan with me....September 2018

Shareable August Goals

August was nutters. There was a death in the family and three other big things that caused some upheaval in my life. Because of these events, I scrapped a majority of my August goals to just focus on staying on top of my daily to-dos and figuring out how to manage the aftermath of these big four events. (If I could share more, I would). 

Here are the goals I set for August. 

Teaching Goals

  • Continue to work on coursera courses.
  • Finish grading by Friday.
Research Goals
  • Take one step forward on all projects.
  • Finish data collection for one project.
  • Brainstorm about a new article.
  • Work on novel at least once a week.
Service Goals
  • Recruit a new board member.
  • Set up EDS Iowa meet up.
  • Presentation for my department.
Business Goals
  • Go public with Youtube on Twitter.
  • Launch new business focus for Love Works photography.
  • Strategic plan for calendar line.
  • One step forward on each business plan.
Personal Goals
  • Start leash training Dinah.
  • Start Muldowney exercise protocol.
  • No spend month.
  • Plan Deep Clean 2018 Project.

Basically, the goals I was able to meet were:
  • Take one step forward on all research projects.
  • Presentation for my department
  • Go public with Youtube on Twitter
  • Plan Deep Clean 2018

Honestly, thinking about everything that happened this month, staying on top of my regular work requirements and completing the above was still a pretty good month in terms of productivity and goal setting.

Here we are in September and I am still dealing with aftershocks from August. For September goals, I'm keeping it simple.

September Goals
  • Move one step forward on all projects
  • Land one new side hustle
  • Be more creative
That's it for me! What your goals for September? How did August go for you? 

Until next time,