Tuesday, July 31, 2018

55. Plan with me...August 2018!

July Goals Review

Goals in green were met. Goals in purple were almost met. Goals in blue were total misses.

Teaching Goals
  • Finish coursera courses
    • I am currently trying to make my way through three coursera courses relevant to my teaching. 
      • University Teaching: made it through week 1 of the course
      • eLearning Ecologies: made it halfway through week 1
      • Teaching Online: made it through all of week 1 except the assignment.
        • I think that aiming to finish all of these courses in the month of July was an unrealistic goal. Thankfully, coursera allows you to push back your start date if you fall behind. I may also just have to accept that I don't have time to do these assignments right now and just resign myself to the reading material, videos, and quizzes. At least this way I'm still learning but not over-taxing myself with work that doesn't mean much--I'm not purchasing the course certificate so this is just for learning purposes and not for credentialing. I imagine that if I do decide to do these courses for a credential, I could join another session and actually complete the assignments. For now, it's enough just to do the reading and lectures. 
Research Goals
  • Submit Jessica Jones paper.
    • I was able to submit an abstract to a scholarly journal. Woohoo!
  • Take one step forward on all projects.
    • Womp Womp. I was not able to do this, mostly because my teaching load was pretty heavy in July. 
  • Work on my novel everyday Monday through Friday.
    • This was a total miss. I think this was an unrealistic goal based on everything else I was trying to accomplish.
Service Goals
  • Set up an EDS Iowa meet-up in my area.
    • Done!
Business Goals
  • Write business plans for two business goals.
    • I worked on my business plans but didn't finish them. Again, I think it was unrealistic to think that I could completely finish these plans because business plans take a lot of time and research. I will still continue to work on these business plans but with a more realistic approach. 
Personal Goals
  • Exercise three times a week.
    • Done! I'm looking forward to doing more in August.
  • Read Bible everyday.
    • Done! This is now a habit--part of my morning routine and something I plan to continue.
  • Start my Youtube channel. 
    • Done! You can view my channel here. 

Shareable August Goals
Teaching Goals

  • Continue to work on coursera courses.
  • Finish grading by Friday.
Research Goals
  • Take one step forward on all projects.
  • Finish data collection for one project.
  • Brainstorm about a new article.
  • Work on novel at least once a week.
Service Goals
  • Recruit a new board member.
  • Set up EDS Iowa meet up.
  • Presentation for my department.
Business Goals
  • Go public with Youtube on Twitter.
  • Launch new business focus for Love Works photography.
  • Strategic plan for calendar line.
  • One step forward on each business plan.
Personal Goals
  • Start leash training Dinah.
  • Start Muldowney exercise protocol.
  • No spend month.
  • Plan Deep Clean 2018 Project.
Let me know down below how July went for you and what you are working on in August!


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