Sunday, August 31, 2014

37. What's Poppin' On my Radar this Week

1. Tim Tebow spent some time with a young girl suffering from EDS. Check it out! 

Tim Tebow:

2. Emotional intelligence at work has been on my mind heavily lately. I found this article about setting boundaries to be solid information and advice. Check it out!

9 Things Successful People Won't Do:

3. Surviving the first week of a new term is a must for those working in academics. The Chronicle of Higher Education has an archive area dedicated specifically to this topic. Check it out!

From the Archives: The First Week of Academic Term:

4. Business Insider cites the behaviors that aggravate college professors the most which is great information from students, and totally validating for Professors. Check it out!

10 Things Every College Professor Hates:

5. Tenure track jobs are out there. I repeat: tenure-track jobs are out there. The Chronicle of Higher Education is tracking a handful of disciplines to see where the jobs are and who is getting them. I'll be following this story closely as I haven't totally ruled out a Ph.D yet. Check it out!

Who's Getting Tenure Track Jobs:

What's poppin' for you this week?


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