Tuesday, July 16, 2013

29. Basye's Misty Valley Farm

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Ryan Basye of Misty Valley Farms. The farm is located in Dysart, Iowa and they farm everything organically. They raise and sell chickens, eggs, and other produce.

(Photos of the farm)

“Our farm is very small, with most of our 13 acres in pasture land with a creek running through it. We have a large kitchen garden and several laying hens. We do everything organically. Nothing man-made is used for fertilizer or fed to our animals, including GMO grains. We get our chicken feed from a local farmer that grows much of his own feed grains,” Ryan explained.

When we raise the broiler chickens, they are rotated everyday on to fresh grass. This allows them to eat food that has fresh omega 3 fatty acids (very important) as well as any bugs they might find. Conventionally-raised chickens will have very few omega 3's even if they have flax seed in their diet,” Ryan tells me.

(organically raised chickens)

Ryan is inspired to farm organically for the health of the community. He grew up in Iowa and loves it here: “It's home and I love being here.”

(Hoar frost on the farm)

When asked what he loves most about his work he replied, “Knowing where our food comes from and how it was raised. I feel a lot better not having to buy meat and most veggies for my family from a grocery store where the food could be from 1,000's of miles away and grown with dangerous chemicals. I also feel great that I can provide the same food for my customers that don't get the same opportunity to grow their own food.”

To purchase from Misty Valley Farm contact Ryan at
319-476-3781 or

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