Saturday, June 8, 2013

15. Shameless Self Promotion from May 2013

Hello my lovies,
Here is a list of what I've done this month in terms of blogging, photography and other goodies. I admit, this is shameless self-promotion, but in today's world this is a necessary evil! 


Posts on Living in Iowa (with links to the posts)
4. The Push-Up Brawlers
5. The Comfort Kings
6. Said Photography
7. EDS Basics
8. Airen McNally
9. May is Ehlers-Danlos Awareness Month Part 1 2013
10. EDS Awareness Month Part 2
11. Ede's and the Angry Pickle Deli

The Latest on  Studio d'Artagnan (with links to the posts)
10. Spring Photos 2013

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