Saturday, May 11, 2013

6. Said Photography

Courtney Said is an aspiring photographer who is enjoying her exploration of the world around her. She started doing photography in high school for a class where she fell in love with the process. In the class Courtney learned to develop her own film in a dark room and make her own prints. Recently she started exploring digital photography.

 “I love that photography is so adaptable,” she says. “It’s a hobby that I can do with friends or myself. I also love that it’s something I can do virtually anywhere.”

Courtney is based out of Iowa and finds the state to be particularly versatile for the art of photography. She explains that “It [Iowa] offers a lot of different landscapes and we’re lucky to have all four (some argue five) seasons.”

Courtney sets goals for herself with every shoot. One session she may focus on lighting while in another she works to get her angles just right. The joy of being a photography is that you never stop learning to perfect your craft. Recently she started doing photo-shoots of family, friends and co-workers.

“Rates may vary depending on location and the length of the shoot but models have access to all of their photos” she stated. Courtney prefers on-site photo-shoots and, after a shoot, the models receive the photos on a flashdrive or burned CD. They may use the photos however they like as long as she is given credit.

She emphasize that she is still learning, “At this point, I consider myself a photography enthusiast and hobbiest,” but would love to make contact with people interested in modeling.If you are interested in scheduling a photo session with Courtney you may contact her at:

courtney (dot) said (at) gmail (dot) com
or on Facebook at:

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