Thursday, April 25, 2013

2. SoHo Sushi Bar and Deli

This weekend someone and I ate at a local deli--Soho Deli and Sushi Bar in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

SoHo is decked out with artwork from local artist, Paco Rosic. The interior is trendy and warm at the same time.

I ordered their tomato bisque soup and half of their Mediterranean Panini.

My dinner partner ordered a plate of California rolls (8 pieces of sushi for just $4!!!).

The presentation of the food was really professional, and it tasted great too. The soup was creamy and the basil really popped with the creamy tomato. The sandwich was also flavorful with dark green lettuce, feta cheese, cucumber, sun dried tomato, onion and a delicious sauce.

My dinner partner said his sushi was "awesome!" We ate our whole meal. Here are our plates at the half-way mark:

We topped off our meal with a toffee buttercream cupcake. Delicious!!

The verdict: The next time you are in Cedar Falls, skip Applebee's or any other chain restaurant and check out Soho Deli and Sushi Bar on Main Street!


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